The Team

Get to know the personalities behind the camera.


Calvin | The Maven

Rochelle | The Fearless Adventurer


In the Spring of 2014, Calvin and Rochelle turned their love of photography and passion for helping others into a career. They are dedicated to traveling the world to document life's best and brightest moments. As artists, they continually push themselves to not only be great, but to be the best.

Their differences are truly their strengths! While Calvin tends to be more assertive by directing poses and providing clients with a fun and engaging experience, Rochelle seeks to capture the perfect moments of every wedding and portrait session by exercising a keen focus and attention to detail. This is the secret ingredient to why they function so well together.

Calvin and Rochelle are consistently searching for ways to offer their clients a unique photographic experience and an environment in which they can be at ease. They understand that every one of their clients is different from the next, so they love investing time getting to know each personally: their vision, their story. It is then that they create photos that reveal just how beautiful they truly are.