How Instagram Changed Our Business | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Looking back, it began as a foreign invader, an epidemic rivaling the Plague that took control of the lives of everyone I knew. Family members, friends, and even people that I only occasionally bumped into: it effected everyone. Just like that, the craze known as ‘Instagram’ had barged in and taken over my life.

From the minute I woke up and until the second I fell asleep at night, I was constantly bombarded with the ‘Insta’ lifestyle. No matter where I went, I couldn’t escape it. My Facebook timeline was saturated with ‘hashtags’, ‘followers’, and ‘likes’. Words such as ‘Instalicious’ and ‘Instagood’ suddenly became part of everyday language and vocabulary. All for what? A 3 mega-pixel cell phone image with a crappy filter? Is this really what ‘art’ had come to? Why should I use my cell phone and Instagram to document my life when I had a camera that was capable of so much more? As an outsider looking in, I just didn’t understand the hype. So I carried on with my ‘Instaless’ life without a second thought about it.

But as I began to notice the success that some of my close photographer friends and other Atlanta wedding photographers were having with Instagram, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not there was another side to the craze that I was missing out on. Although my interest was piqued, there were two main obstacles that made me hesitant to sign up:

1.       I thought that the whole process would be yet another time consuming social media outlet that needed to be consistently managed and that it would be better for me to focus my energies in other areas.

2.       I couldn’t see a value other than likes and an increased online presence that Instagram could offer to my business.

The more I began to use Instagram, the more I realized how much I low-key enjoyed it. It was quick, easy, and simple. With a little help from Rochelle who had long since converted to the Instalife, I found some filters that actually IMPROVED the look of our photos. Not only was it taking me no more time than a quick update of a Facebook or Twitter status, but I was also tackling a vital part of our business that desperately needed attention: marketing and advertising. I learned quickly that hashtags made a huge difference in attracting the clientele we needed to keep our business afloat. Perhaps the biggest surprise came when during the first week of joining Instagram, we received multiple inquiries requesting more information on our middle and largest collections. Talk about a shock! I had never before witnessed an avenue of advertising work so quickly. It was then that I realized how powerful this little app really was. Instagram had changed our business for good.

While I’m still not exactly sure how it all works, I’m excited to show off our work and to connect with clients and other artists on a much deeper level. Follow us on Instagram @endlessmemoriesphotography to stay updated on all of our adventures!