Deborah + Youssef | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Of the entire wedding day and it's festivities, my favorite part has to be the bride and groom portrait session. So when fellow Atlanta wedding photographer Jaimie Dee of Jaimie Dee Photography invited us to tag along to Little Gardens for Deborah and Youssef's wedding and told us that we had the better part of 2 hours JUST to create amazing memories with the bride and groom, we were downright ecstatic!

Now don't get us wrong. Weddings are at the top of the list when it comes to social events. It's a great time for families to unite and for old friends to catch up. But weddings are about the bride and groom! That's why we encourage ALL of our couples to set aside at least an hour of their wedding to creating memories with just the two of them. There's just something so magical about the chemistry between two people when they're in love.

Bride and groom portraits are the perfect time for couples to get away from their guests and spend some quality alone time with each other. Weddings take months, sometimes years to plan. When the day finally comes, you can be surprised by how quickly things pick up with guests and family wanting every second of your attention. This alone time together with just you and your photographer give you that much need break from the spotlight just to breathe and enjoy the best day of your life. Together.

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