EM InSight: Why I Became an Atlanta Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I can't remember exactly when it happened, but I do remember how I felt. The mystery of it all, the rush of endorphins, and the feeling of excitement were all evidences that solidified the sensation that I was on the brink of something new, something big, something great. For the first time in what was then 24 years of living and learning, I identified with a purpose for my existence: capturing, preserving, and documenting memories.

At first, I shrugged aside the idea and notion of photography as being anything other than a hobby. Realistically, there were several looming and logical factors that I had to face: 1. I knew nothing about lighting, photography, or even how to switch my camera out of automatic mode: I was a NOOB. 2. Even if I took the time to learn the basics of everything that goes into making a great photograph, I had no money to invest in the expensive gear and equipment that at the time I thought was necessary to produce those high-quality images. 3. I was less than a year removed from graduating from a 4-year institution with a Bachelors in Chemistry and minor in Biology. There was literally no way that I could 'afford' to jeopardize a lucrative, industrial career in chemistry by tinkering around with a camera whose instruction manual I hadn't even read the first page of. 

And then it happened again. And again. And AGAIN. As I began to learn more about my camera, the industry, and the art of photography, I realized that not only did I enjoy taking pictures, but that the clients I served and individuals I photographed ENJOYED having their picture taken by ME. To photograph a couple, family, or wedding, show those individuals the back of my camera, and to witness their joyous reactions did something personally for me. I found a satisfaction in being able to produce memories and art for people that valued my talents and for whom my photographs created a significant impact on their self-worth, relationships, and everyday lives. 

Fast forward a year, 16 weddings, and a ton of portrait sessions later and it remains to be said that I still have ALOT to learn about the art form that is photography. And while a career in chemistry will always be there for me to capitalize on, a new-found love is calling me. This is where the FUN happens, and it's exactly where I want to be. It's captured my heart and I've realized that there's not better time than NOW to work at my dreams and make them happen.  

Someone asked me why I always carry my camera around even when I'm not shooting. I dare to ask the question, "Where would I be tomorrow if I didn't carry it around with me today?" Would Jordan, Kobe, or Lebron be who they were if they didn't spend hours with a basketball? Would Da Vinci be who he was if he left his brush and sculpture kit at home? As a photographer, greatness is a passion that is ever-present, always upon us; a moment, waiting to be captured, to be expounded upon. I carry my camera around because it is an extension of myself, of the artists that are Endless Memories Photography. Each day is an opportunity to be great; to learn, to experience, to capture that impossible and immeasurable moment. So, why not?

I'll leave this video from Shia LaBeouf right here to sums things up nicely. Until next time, folks.

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