Why You Should Have A First Look | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

With an awesome 2015 wedding season winding down and an even better 2016 on the horizon, we have the opportunity to reflect on one of our favorite portions of the wedding day: the first look.

A first look is when a bride and groom see each other for the first time prior to the wedding ceremony in a private and special time together. Because of the hustle and bustle surrounding the wedding day, a first look is often the only chance a couple gets to slow things down and spend quality alone time together. Having experienced first hand how fast the wedding day flies during our own wedding, Rochelle and I were so thankful to have some quality time to ourselves away from the many faces of our guests and family. There are several reasons why every bride and groom should consider a first look during their wedding day timeline.

1. A first look is the BEST way to calm those nerves.

Because brides and grooms have never experienced their wedding day before, they can underestimate how nerve-racking it can be. After doing a first look, many of our couples return with testimonials of how at first they were not fans, but afterwards admitted to being much more relaxed and prepared for the ceremony. They were still just as excited and anxious, but less nervous since they have already had time together before the ceremony!

2. A first look allows you to spend those initial tender and special moments TOGETHER.

Being able to savor and enjoy those first few moments together without guests hanging around truly sets the tone of your love-filled day. The hugs, the kisses, the crying, and laughter: each tender moment adds to the significance of your wedding. These are stolen and precious moments that otherwise would be lost in the activity of the day.

2. A first look will result in MORE and BETTER pictures of you and your spouse.

Did we mention that your wedding photography is a huge investment? With a first look, our couples average 50% MORE portraits on their wedding day because there is more time for pictures without having to be rushed. You get the most out of your investment and the most photographs for your money.