Briana + DeAndre: Our D.C. Adventures

Who says a few minutes isn't enough time to get a portrait session done? :-)

During our visit to D.C. over the holidays, we ventured out for a brisk and quick portrait session with Briana and DeAndre. It was so cold, but so worth it!

There’s a huge difference between photographing in Atlanta vs. D.C. To say that D.C. was crowded is an understatement! The crowds were worth it though as we started by shooting around the Lincoln Memorial and then expanded out to the Washington Monument.

Throughout the years, I’ve enjoyed watching Briana and DeAndre and witnessing the love and chemistry they both have for each other first hand. After all, Briana is my cousin ;-) They've taught me so much, but most importantly that the things we want in life are always worth fighting for. These two have pushed through the unexpected and have come out even stronger than before.

Since starting our photography business, I’ve wanted to capture special moments between two people that they could remember forever. Mission Accomplished.